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Global Speciality Chemicals Pty. Ltd. is a privately owned Australian company engaged in the research and development, manufacture and sales of HealthGuard® products, being globally successful since 1991, with a proven track record commercializing intelligent biotech solutions.

HealthGuard® is the world leader in innovative disease prevention, encompassing Anti-Bed Bug, Anti-Dust Mite, Anti-Mosquito, Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal (Anti-Microbial) treatments for preventing and reducing diseases caused by infestations of the House Dust Mite, Bed Bug and Mosquito blood feeding, along with various other gram-positive and gram-negative strains of bacteria including the super bugs Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) and Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococci (VRE).

The development of these sensible and non-invasive products aligns in our mission to provide our valued customers with intelligent biotech solutions, driven by a desire for safe, quality product and innovation in the field of preventative healthcare.

With a purpose built production plant located in Melbourne, Australia, HealthGuard® exports a wide range of products for the use in textiles, plastics, foams, yarn, masterbatch, coatings and rubber-based materials manufacture.

HealthGuard® is committed to constant improvement of our products through research and development programs. Our deep involvement with universities and government accredited independent testing agencies gives our clients peace of mind and credibility in the testing and reporting on their treated articles performance. All HealthGuard® treatments are fully Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR) compliant, manufactured using European Union Article 95 approved ingredients.


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My daughter has had eczema since she was 6 months old…. I had tried every type of cream, lotion and ointment that claimed to help clear and relieve eczema… Nothing “relieved or cleared” her eczema… I stumbled across [a] site, with a product called Total Hygiene DM1… I read the statements that customers had written claiming that it worked wonders… I was sent two samples of the Total Hygiene DM1… I sprayed where my daughter played, slept, her favorite blanket, toy rabbit, the lounge suite, her bed linen and the blinds. That same night, she seemed to sleep more soundly, woke up in a better mood.
Kylie - End User
Gary is a mechanic who suffers from asthma. Until recently he was using an inhaler twice a day and particularly susceptible to attacks during the night, especially when the weather was muggy. As a result he was sleeping extremely erratically and was prone to panic when his chest tightened at night. His partner Carla sprayed their bedroom, bed and soft furnishings with HealthGuard’s Total Hygiene DMI five weeks ago and since then Gary has only had to use his inhaler twice and his hayfever symptoms subsided.
Gary - End User
I have to tell you about the impact you have had on my health (and sanity). Until we discovered HealthGuard, my ten year old daughter and I suffered from allergic eczema, which was particularly bad at night… Last week I sprayed both our beds – mattresses, duvets, linen and pillows… Neither of us has been troubled by itching at all since the day after we sprayed the bedrooms!… I am not the sort of person who writes letters to companies but as I was placing another order with you anyway, I felt that I would add a word of thanks.
Ruth - End User
I have suffered extremely irritating spotty eczema ever since a toddler. Over the years I have been prescribed every ointment and potion on the market. Recently, I was given a sample of HealthGuard Total Hygiene DM1 to try out. I sprayed my bed and all the soft furnishings in my home, left it to dry properly and I have to say that within the space of about six or eight weeks, my eczema has all but disappeared. This is all the more surprising, because at this time of year, my eczema should be just starting to play merry hell!
Andrew - End User
I was given this address regarding chemicals for cleaning. I had been told Electrodry use it and when they did my place, they used a spray on the carpet for allergy which did help considerably, they said it was HealthGuard®.
Carole - End User
My son, who is two years old has been diagnosed with viral induced asthma. He receives nebulizer treatments when he has a virus/cold to help with his breathing whilst sick. Also has been hospitalized when we could not treat him properly at home. I was introduced to HealthGuard… Within days almost overnight he stopped coughing completely. We completely recommend HealthGuard to anyone whose child or themselves suffer from asthma… Thank you HealthGuard!
Kieran - End User
Following the success with HealthGuard we are interested in looking at duvets with this treatment…
Tui Esser, Director AllergyBestBuys - B2B
After staying at Hayman Island and enjoying the best nights sleep on these wonderful pillows I took down the brand name and rang Microcloud straight away. … These pillows look and feel like feather but offer hypo allergenic environment I think most families need these days. I would recommend the pillows and I look forward to receiving my new mattress topper…Please visit for 5-star superior hotel quality HealthGuard® treated bedding.
Annie - End User
I first slept on a Microcloud mattress topper in a hotel. …So, came home and ordered one for myself along with a new mattress, pillows and quilt. … The topper, quilt, pillows and their respective covers are all machine-washable and hypo-allergenic (which is wonderful for someone like me who’s allergic to dust-mites). Microcloud Bedding is the best company to deal with… I can’t recommend the company or the products highly enough!
Leonie - End User
Our current forecasted annual demand is approximately 200t per year, however our business is growing and Healthguard is helping us to win orders with new customers … The commitment of the future of Healthguard is important …
Peter - B2B
Vivo en Lima-Peru en una zona muy humeda, lamentablemente las frazadas, cubrecamas y la ropa en general, tienden a llenarse de moho. Cada vez que necesitaba utilizar la ropa que habia guardado, era un problema pues debia llevarla nuevamente a la lavanderia para que le pudieran quitar el olor a humedad o el moho … Desde que uso HealthGuard-Antimoho, este problema se acabó. Puedo guardar sacos, sacones, casacas, frazadas, cubrecamas, sábanas durante varios meses y mi ropa no se llena ni huele a moho. Yo estoy muy contenta y completamente satisfecha con los resultados que HealthGuard Antimoho me brinda.
Ivonne Inurritegui - End User
Quiero escribirles sobre mi super experiencia pintando las paredes de mi casa de playa en Vichayito, Piura-PERU para eliminar a los molestos zancudos que no dejan dormir y además generan pánico a las visitas en mi casa porque en esta zona calurosa existe alto riesgo de ZIKA Y DENGUE. Apliqué el producto HealthGuard…en la pintura blanca para pintar las paredes interiores y exteriores, tambien en el barniz laca para proteger el deck de madera que esta junto a la piscina. Doy fé que dentro y fuera de mi casa NO ENCONTRAMOS ningún zancudo…Lo recomiendo mucho …
Teresa - End User

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