Zika Virus How It Can Affect You and Your Family

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Zika Virus How It Can Affect You and Your Family

On the 11th of October 2016, the World Health Organisation (WHO) issued a warning of Zika Virus expansion to the South East Asia, which is caused by the mosquito Aedes Aegypti.

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Hundreds of cases of Zika Virus have been reported in Singapore, whilst two cases of Zika Virus were linked with Microcephaly having been reported in Thailand.

Zika Virus has only a mild effect on healthy humans, however, it is very dangerous to pregnant women and babies can be born with severe birth defects including microcephaly.

HealthGuard® Premium Protection in correctly treated garments will prevent Aedes Aegypti landings and blood feeding and possible transmission of Zika Virus. The area of skin covered by HealthGuard® Premium Protection treated garments will be your best preventative measure.


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