Zika Virus Protection – How HealthGuard® Helps

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Zika Virus Protection – How HealthGuard® Helps

Zika Virus is now declared a “Global Health Emergency” with 2.2 Billion people at risk.

We have all heard about the dreaded Zika Virus, 20 years ago HealthGuard® scientists recognised the Zika Virus as a major problem for the health of the tropical community.

HealthGuard® scientists began a programme of testing their “HealthGuard® Premium Protection®” in trying to control the spread of, Yellow Fever, Dengue, Zika and other diseases spread by the mosquito genus “Aedes Aegypti”.

All our research testing was carried out by Independent Testing Agencies and Universities.

“HealthGuard® Premium Protection®” anti mosquito treatments are added to high quality sports wears, military uniforms, outdoor adventure wear, tents etc. HealthGuard® treated articles will prevent, reduce landings and blood feeding by the vector (mosquito).

The HealthGuard® treatment is harmless to human beings, it is not rubbed into the skin, it is embedded within the treated article, passive protection for you whilst you are wearing your HealthGuard® treated article.

Why worry about contracting a possible fatal disease when a simple treatment of “HealthGuard® Premium Protection®” can give you peace of mind. Many big name European brands carry HealthGuard® anti-mosquito protection embedded within their premium outdoor products.

The independently made videos exhibit the remarkable efficacy of HealthGuard® anti-mosquito treatment.



To find out how HealthGuard® can be applied to your textile products and outdoor wear, please contact www.healthguard.asia, or contact a registered distributor in your region.

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