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207, 2020

(English) PROVEN: HealthGuard® AMIC completely destroys; Human Strain SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) on treated textile

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1406, 2018

(English) How to Avoid a Counterfeit Catastrophe

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(English) Australian’s warned about the health, safety and legal dangers of buying counterfeit products.

1306, 2018

Bed Bugs, Getting Down and Dirty

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After feeding, an adult bed bug skitters back to its bed-frame joint, screw head, suitcase, or wherever else it has made its home. All bed bugs also emit alarm pheromones in times of danger to warn others away, and females may also use chemical signals to help nymphs find their first meal. Once a bed bug has tracked down the aggregation pheromones and it is safe in its hiding spot, it snuggles in with anywhere from five to dozens of others, including both nymphs and adults. They pack in tight amongst their own eggs, cast skins, and faeces, giving off [...]

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