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20 02, 2017

Malaria Resistance ­– Prevention Is Key

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When travelling to a foreign country you face many risks. There is the risk of losing your passport, having your belongings stolen, or even your plane falling out of the sky. However, there's one big risk travellers don't often take into consideration – mosquitos. Mosquitoes exist in every climate from the tropics to the arctic. [...]

9 01, 2017

Mosquitos Buzzing Through the Ages – Healthguard Mosquito Repeller

2017-01-09T01:34:11+00:00 一月 9th, 2017|Mosquito Protection, Mosquitos|0 Comments

Throughout the centuries people and animals alike have been subject to disease and viruses, in some of the most extreme cases, epidemics have taken out millions, or even half the population at a time. This was all in an age before travel was so easy and accessible. Perhaps we should be worried. It wasn't until [...]

2 12, 2016

Reducing means of transmitting Zika – HealthGuard® can protect you!

2016-12-02T00:43:09+00:00 十二月 2nd, 2016|Mosquito Protection, News|0 Comments

The effect of the Zika virus will be devastating for those effected by it. The virus which result in microcephaly and other developmental disorders in infants. However, it can also result in rare adult onset conditions such as GBS (Guillain-Barré Syndrome) which can result in paralysis and death. The effect of the virus is not [...]

26 10, 2016

Zika Virus How It Can Affect You and Your Family

2016-11-28T02:33:03+00:00 十月 26th, 2016|Mosquito Protection, News|0 Comments

On the 11th of October 2016, the World Health Organisation (WHO) issued a warning of Zika Virus expansion to the South East Asia, which is caused by the mosquito Aedes Aegypti. HealthGuard® Premium Protection, has a scientifically proven track record of preventing Aedes Aegypti mosquito landings on correctly treated articles. Hundreds of cases of Zika [...]

27 06, 2016

Zika Virus Protection – How HealthGuard® Helps

2016-12-13T01:23:52+00:00 六月 27th, 2016|Mosquito Protection, News|0 Comments

Zika Virus is now declared a "Global Health Emergency" with 2.2 Billion people at risk. We have all heard about the dreaded Zika Virus, 20 years ago HealthGuard® scientists recognised the Zika Virus as a major problem for the health of the tropical community. HealthGuard® scientists began a programme of testing their “HealthGuard® Premium Protection®” [...]