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13 06, 2018

(English) 3 Tips to Help You Buy the Perfect Mattress

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(English) Here are three things to consider before you go out to buy your next mattress

15 12, 2016

Breaking the Link Between Dust Mites and Asthma

2018-06-12T05:57:49+00:00 十二月 15th, 2016|Dust Mite Protection, Dust Mites|0 Comments

The brief for the researchers was to create a product which is both friendly to the environment and the user. Most asthma sufferers want a product which can inhibit dust mites, but is not an irritant, nor releases any volatile chemical compounds and when the treated article is discarded, the anti dust mite treatment will [...]

20 07, 2016

Suffering Allergies or Asthma? How HealthGuard® can make your bed a healthy environment

2018-06-12T05:57:49+00:00 七月 20th, 2016|Dust Mite Protection, News|0 Comments

So are you suffering allergies or asthma? House Dust Mites (HDM), (Dermatophagoides Pteronyssinus) feeds on your dead skin flakes and lives in your mattress, pillow, duvet and all soft furnishings in your house. Even your dog can be ill from HDM pathogens. Your pillow, your mattress and your bedroom contains millions of HDM, whilst the [...]