2023 End of the year Wrap

What a phenomenal year it’s been for our business! As we approach the end of 2023, it warms our hearts to look back and see the tremendous progress we’ve achieved. Re-connecting with familiar faces at exhibitions such as ITMA, Italy, along with our ventures in India, opened doors to new opportunities and re-established past connections.


Reviewing our accomplishments, we’re thrilled to have met the rising demand for non-heavy metal Anti-Microbials with the success of HG BK in the USA, complementing our existing HG AMIC registration. Moreover, the launch of our ‘Lifestyle’ range, though a departure from our usual products, has been met with tremendous enthusiasm. Introducing our natural cooling masterbatch and 100% non-bio-based odour control directly addressed the market’s call for sustainable, natural solutions.

At HealthGuard®, while revelling in our own product launches, we find immense joy in witnessing the successes of our valued customers, such as the remarkable launch of MGUARD+ alongside Milliken ANZ. We’re excited about the many upcoming projects with our esteemed customers slated for launch in 2024.
MGUARD+Self-sanitising Carpet
Recognition also extends to our team’s achievements, notably Victoria Harvey, our Operations Manager, who received the prestigious ‘Global Victoria Woman’s’ Award from Her Excellency Professor, the Honourable Margaret Gardner AC, Governor of Exports. Our teams hard work embodies our commitment to growth and seizing opportunities year after year.

As we conclude this remarkable year, our journey forward continues with unwavering strength. The growing interest in sustainable solutions has propelled our non-heavy metal technologies, ‘Lifestyle’ range, and masterbatch products to unprecedented heights. We foresee growing opportunities in the healthcare market in 2024, having witnessed an adoption of the value our treatments provide from a preventative perspective. We deeply value the trust placed in HealthGuard® products and the collaborative spirit of our knowledgeable team.

In summary, this year has testified to our dedication, growth, and the value we bring through collaborative partnerships, pioneering world-first innovations. We’re not just sellers of chemicals or treatment providers; we’re collaborative partners, project managers and experts in our field. Moving ahead, we’re brimming with gratitude for the progress made and the promising path that lies ahead.
Here’s to wishing you a joyful and prosperous 2024.

Peace and happiness,

Dr. Christopher Harvey