“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

Our answer is, YES! We liken this to a product treated with HealthGuard® without a claim!

HealthGuard® benefits exist without being perceived by the consciousness.

In the realm of bio-technical textile treatments, it’s easy to get caught up in the buzz of claims and endorsements. Frankly, we love it too…

While we share our customers’ enthusiasm for marketing the virtues of our HealthGuard® treatments, there’s something even more compelling beneath the surface: the undeniable benefits they offer.

Consider the case of anti-microbial treatments. Their impact stretches far beyond marketing claims.

Take for example, the fabric that is treated with HealthGuard® to:

  1. Inhibit microbial build-up during storage and transit,
  2. Neutralise microbial odours during storage, and;
  3. Prevent microbial staining and discoloration;
  4. Increase hygiene standards for the unbeknown user.

HealthGuard® treatments offer tangible advantages that speak volumes, even when left unspoken.

Think about it – would you feel comfortable hot-desking in a workspace without ensuring the desk is properly disinfected before you use it? Why should we expect less of a hygiene standard when it comes to the furnishing fabrics we interact with throughout the day?
Whether you are marketing your products hygiene benefits directly to the consumer, or for the 24/7 silent sentinel provided by HealthGuard®, we’re the trusted experts you can rely on to provide the right treatment at optimum application.

In an age where hygiene is paramount, let’s elevate our standards beyond those that are spoken.