So they say “time flies when you are having fun”… And just like that ITMA, Milan Italy 2023 has wrapped up. Before we start talking about the next convention, it’s time for us to take away our insights from this event and reflect. As you can see from the photos, Dr. Harvey had a wonderful time, meeting new clients and re-connecting with our existing clients.

There is nothing like meeting in person to truly understand market demands. Not only did ITMA serve as a platform to showcase our products, but it served as a platform for client feedback… What trends were re-emerging in conversations with our clients and proposing clients? Do these requirements fall within our product range and mission of our company?

We wish to thank all the valued people who passed through @Fineotex booth to hear about HealthGuard® and why our products are the future.

We look forward to keeping you abreast of exciting news just around the corner.