Have you ever encountered the issue of excessive application rates on synthetic yarns or fibers due to low absorbency? Have you considered the waste water problem that arises after draining the spray system, exhaust, or pad bath? How about the risk of miscalculation regarding technical dosing rates? You’re not alone in facing these challenges. That’s precisely why we developed HealthGuard® masterbatch solutions.

The textile industry is generally considered to be one of the largest contributors to water pollution worldwide. HealthGuard® masterbatch changes functional textile manufacturing by contributing ZERO water pollution.

The production processes involved in dyeing, printing, finishing, and washing textiles often require significant amounts of water, leading to substantial wastewater discharge. These wastewaters can contain various pollutants, including dyes, chemicals, heavy metals, and organic compounds, which can have detrimental effects on water bodies and ecosystems if not properly treated.

To address these environmental concerns, there has been a growing emphasis on sustainable practices within the textile industry, including the adoption of water reduction technologies.

HealthGuard® was visionary in tackling these environmental concerns and heavily invested in research and development to provide our trusted biotech technology in masterbatch form. Our masterbatch research and development program began in 2003. To prove our masterbatch technology, in 2005, we invested in a small yarn plant, built to verify our data for use in commercial scale plants. Our yarn plant is specifically used for us to collect data which can be passed on to our clients about how our masterbatches work in real life manufacturing situations, such as any deviations in head pressures, and how to compensate for the masterbatch effects on polymer manufacturing.

HealthGuard® technology is encased in a variety of different carriers, such as nylons, polypropylene and polyethylene terephtalates, which when added at specified ratios to the extrusion process for yarn, fibre or non-wovens, will produce Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Dust Mite, Anti-Mosquito or Anti-Bed Bug properties to the HealthGuard® treated product.

Step into the future with our sustainable masterbatch marvels – We are excited to be unveiling a new range soon… Watch this space!

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