The Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medicine Authority (APVMA) is the national authority which amongst other duties governs the manufacture, sale, import and advertising claims of pesticidal products within Australia.

In order to be legally compliant, the product you use making pesticidal claim, must be registered with the APVMA. The process of registration includes scientific evaluations of the safety and efficacy of the product.

We are pleased to announce that the claim for controlling mosquitos on treated articles has now been accepted using HealthGuard® product on a range of textiles for sale in the Australian market.

You may not know, but mosquitos are considered the most deadliest animals in the world, due to their ability to carry and spread disease. If not spreading disease, a mosquito can certainly keep you up buzzing at night, or ruin the nice outdoor ambience!

At this point in time, in accordance with the Australian Department of Health, Japanese Encephalitis is considered endemic to parts of Asia and the Torres Strait region of Australia.

Whether it be controlling mosquitos around outdoor awnings, tents, bedding, carpets, foams, upholstery, sleeping bags, military apparel,  fibres or clothing, we have the solution for you.

Please contact us to see how our textile treatments can assist in controlling mosquitos.