What does “Made in Australia” mean to you?

With the upcoming “Australian Made” week running from 20th to 26th May, we didn’t want to talk about what ‘Made in Australia’ means to us, but what it means to you? Afterall, “Strength lies in the harmony of shared voices, echoing the power of collective opinion.”

We asked x20 of our friends, family and respected industry colleagues from around the world, to give an honest and heartfelt thought as to what ‘Made in Australia’ means to them. We recognise the strengths of each individual nation, with qualities and advantages that are each unique and sometimes unrivalled, which contribute to us all as global citizens.

We would like to thank the people who shared their candid thoughts on what ‘Made in Australia’ means to them. To us it seems that “Quality” is a re-occurring theme for ‘Made in Australia’ products, which resonates on so many levels as to what it means to us here at HealthGuard®.

As I was reflecting on the input of those who responded to our question, I couldn’t help but notice our 25+ year old tumble dryer as I was stacking it this morning “Made in Australia”… Still running like a charm… Now that’s what we call DURABLE!

What “Australian made” means to you?:

“Product has been made with integrity, and tested to the highest standards ” – Dom

“It means a quality product to me.” – Shannon

“When I see Australian made i know I’m supporting a local businesses / contributing to the local economy and  know that’s it’s going to be good quality. If I see Australia made I also buy over other products that are not made in here ” – Sammy

“When I see Australian made I feel PROUD. When I see designed in Australia, made in China I’m disappointed.”  –  Alita

“When I see Australian made I think expensive and good quality.” –  Aisha Ahmed

“Made in Australia to me means to support local communities.” – Catalina

“It means a lot more if it’s made and owned in Australia. % I love supporting the origin of our home country where it’s feasible in doing so. When made in Australia you feel like you’re buying to Australian standards and quality whilst supporting local industries and protecting Aussie jobs. ” – Marty

“When I see “Made in Australia,” I think of quality craftsmanship, adherence to strict manufacturing standards, and support for the local economy. It signifies that the product was produced in Australia, often with locally sourced materials, and reflects the values and expertise of Australian industry.” – Anup

“Australian Made definitely over China, or mostly elsewhere. But I still have questions ethically. Who actually owns it? Is it actually sourced here? Where’s the money going? What their business here, purpose, approach? What is their relationship with Country and local land and peoples, ‘resources’?” – Thara

“Quality, a product that is catered to my unique needs or lifestyle. On going Support, post purchase. Tested, majority or locally made products are tested in the environment to which they are used. Spend it here, keep it here. I know ever dollar spent here helps my community and keeps my mates employed. Heritage, most Australian built products I relate to and have endearment and association with.” – Alan

“Australian made to me means, good quality, hard working class workers that put pride in there work, perfection at its best, world class items, local business made with love and smarts.” – Johnny

“Dependable.” – Johnny

“We are supporting local jobs and businesses who manufacture and produce high quality products.” – Vicky

“Made in Australia means for me something solid, high quality and long lasting.” – Piet

“Made in Australia for me conveys nature, authenticity, quality craftsmanship with a sense of pride in supporting small and local industries.” – Umit

“I would rate Australian products 80 to 90pc as good quality but expensive as the labour costs are high.” – Mick

“Australia has to me an image of the Upcoming winner in the World ‘Show and Tell’. – Francis

“95% of the time, Australian products are designed/ formulated to be successful- and as a result are more often than not are over engineered to ensure high levels of quality to achieve that success. Australian companies have processes and accreditations to ensure this. I got out of my way to buy Australian because of this, and also because supporting local-supports me.” – Alex

“Made in Australia” carries a special significance for me, especially in an Indian context where we often seek products that reflect not just quality, but also a story of craftsmanship and heritage. When I encounter this label, it’s like stumbling upon a treasure trove of authenticity. It sparks a sense of curiosity about the origins of the product, the hands that crafted it, and the journey it undertook to reach me. Growing up in India, I’ve come to associate “Made in Australia” with products that embody innovation, sustainability, and a deep connection to nature. Whether it’s indulging in Australian skincare or relishing gourmet treats from Down Under, there’s a certain allure to goods bearing this label. It’s more than just a mark of origin; it’s a testament to the values of integrity and excellence that resonate across borders.” – Saurabh

“Supporting locals and quality.” – George

“When I see a product is made in Australia it means that it’s reputable, strong durable and it will be exactly as described. No cheap imports.” – Shane

“Aussie made for me is supporting local families and our economy, (your mate next door) and through our standards quality and safe products. Plus knowing you have support and someone to contact if any issues.” – Jade

“I automatically think that it is well made and has an element of prestige.” – Shaneel