“HEALTHGUARD®” The brand name which does what it says.

One of the first thing when establishing a business, is to come up with a business, or brand name.

‘Brand name’ can be broadly described as a “word, name, symbol, used by a manufacturer or merchant to identify its products distinctively from others of the same type and usually prominently displayed on its goods, in advertising, etc. ”Our HealthGuard® logo and brand name is not only distinctive, it carries an easily identified purpose, which customers can relate to.

So let’s take a quick trip down memory lane as to how HealthGuard® got its name?

The HealthGuard® biotech brand began during the early years of Dr. Harvey’s daughters life, when she was found to have asthma. The only medication available was invasive inhalant, which in Dr. Harvey’s opinion caused palpitations, aggression and often resulted in hospital visits.

In pursuit of Dr. Harvey’s desire to alleviate his daughters suffering from asthma, he diverted financial resources into funding his own private research into the causes of asthma attacks.

Dr. Harvey discovered a link between House Dust Mite (HDM) pathogens and asthma. This lead Dr. Harvey to formulate a triple action Anti-Dust Mite treatment.

When a consumer purchases a HealthGuard® treated and branded product, they know it does what it says.

HealthGuard® is now over a quarter of a century old, the brand name is immediately recognised by consumers as reliable and a positive addition to reduce asthma symptoms by preventing HDM infestation on treated articles.

Over the years, HDM’s have become known as the primary cause of asthma attacks in over 70% of asthmatics.

If your pillow, mattress or duvet is not HealthGuard® treated and is over 6 months old, you could be sleeping with millions of HDM in your bedding, excreting dangerous pathogens which find their way into your respiratory system and can degrade your lung linings to such an extent that the sleeper may develop a strong allergy to HDM faeces, which will go on to create a serious respiratory disease called “Asthma”.

HDM excrete up to x20 times day, the faecal particles are so tiny and light in weight they float in the air when bedding is shaken or moved, therefore when you make your bed or puff up your pillows, you are creating a floating cloud of HDM excrement which is easily inhaled.

An adult female HDM will lay up to x2 eggs per day in her life. The average untreated HealthGuard® mattress is a huge biomass of HDM’s, with up to x10 million HDM living, where you sleep. YUK!

HDM are incredibly small, invisible to the naked eye, as they are microscopic creatures. They thrive in various household furnishings such as bedding, carpets, curtains, and furniture upholstery. Our pursuit of warmth and mildly humid air for comfort creates an ideal environment for HDM to thrive.

Fortunately, the solution to this problem is within reach, requiring no additional effort from families. Simply opt for HealthGuard® treated products.

HealthGuard® has become synonymous with a 24/7 silent sentinel, protecting your HealthGuard® treated items from HDM infestation. Only products treated with HealthGuard® exhibit both Anti-Dust Mite and Anti-Microbial properties. These functionalities undergo rigorous testing at independent accredited laboratories before earning the HealthGuard® Branding Licence.

For mattress, pillow, carpet, upholstery, or PU Foam manufacturers, incorporating these invaluable properties into your products is both simple and cost-effective. Consumers actively seek out these features, making it a valuable addition to your offerings.

Contact us to discover just how easy and economical it is to enhance your products with HealthGuard® technology.