We want to give a shout out to the team at Microguard! They are making serious waves in elevating hygiene in hotel, defence and mining accommodation to mention a few!

To give a little insight as to how big our mining industry in Australia is, there are over 350 operating mines in Australia, each mine accommodates approx. 500+ beds… Loosely speaking, that’s a phenomenal 175,000 beds! Every two weeks there is a complete staff change over… Naturally, when you are not staying in your own bed, you want to know where you are sleeping is clean and hygienic! Aside from the hygiene factor for peace of mind, transition workers falling ill on site, is very costly for industry.

Microguard started from trying to find a better solution to an everyday problem that companies and industries fight every day: “How to protect our people throughout the day from harmful pathogens, keeping them healthy and safe” and with very little on the market and zero with an easy to apply method, the relationship formed with HealthGuard®, and “Microguard” was founded.

Microguard, powered by HealthGuard® are specialists in providing end solutions that are simple to use, save time, provide hygienic spaces and change reactive maintenance to planned preventative maintenance! You know it… At HealthGuard® we are all about prevention!

Microguard offer an easy application prevention sanitisation system (click video for demonstration… which has been featured many times, may we add!) for room fogging, HVAC (AC System) disinfection, alcohol free long-lasting hand protection and TGA approved surface cleaner/disinfectants to kill tested viruses and microbes.


With most industries focusing on problems that workers or clients complain about and can see, the mould prevention side of the solutions has become the focus for a lot of Microguard ongoing partners. The time-saving element with labour, removal of harsh chemicals and proactive approach stopping the problems before they happen, adds huge benefits for companies, staff and people using the areas.Microguard

Word from industry partners.

Wayne – Parks and resorts

“Microguard really helps in our turnaround times cleaning the cabins getting them ready for the next clients check-in

It stopped mould from coming back on walls, ceilings, and bathroom, the most surprising result for me was we don’t get the musty smells anymore”

 Luke – Mining Village manager

“Since starting with Microguard, we have not had any mould growth. Saving not $ only on products but in cleaning hours and energy.

We have changed from being reactive to a proactive maintenance system with Microguard.”

Steve – Mining Village manager

“Cleaning with Microguard and applying it in our showers as well as dispersing the room application.

We don’t have any mould grow/appear back where the product is placed.

This has saved time for my staff as well as reducing the effort required to get the bathroom clean.

There has been no visible sign in the bedroom of mould and has eliminated any bad odours in the room.”

Tracy – Hotel Cleaning manager

“Using Microguard in our bathrooms, mainly in the shower recess, has taken us from a 5-step process to a 3-step process and only using one product is saving us 5min per bathroom clean, that’s Huge and it also removes the pitting and calcium off the glass screens.”

Brad – Hvac Systems hygiene (schools)

“Using a product like Microguards Anti-microbial AC system coils and duct treatment allows us to treat, clean and protect the whole system not letting bacteria, smells and mould live and or grow in the system, then we come back to re-apply proactively. Amazing product.”


From an insider view, we see the ongoing hard work and dedication of the Microguard team. We are incredibly proud of their Microguard and their enthusiasm continues to inspire us. Microguard are making serious disruptions in this space and continue to grow.