It was only last month we were talking about the bed bug epidemic in Paris… In that time, UK has seen an outbreak and now bed bugs are running rampant and quickly making their way across the globe… This time the reports are from South Korea! The fear of carrying these little pesky bugs home are encouraging people to stay in. This is bad news for hotels and travel.

As they say… “The best antidote to despair… is action!”

HealthGuard® Anti-Bed Bug is a surface modifying coating incorporated in the manufacture of products to provide a high performance repellent effect on practically any soft furnishing, foam, upholstery, fabric etc.

The first question we always get… “What is the cost”… Better you ask yourself, “WHAT IS THE REAL COST?”… Rightfully so, the cost of functional treatments are always a topic raised in discussion with proposing clients.

However, all too often, concentration is on the per square meter cost, or the unit cost and the REAL cost is overlooked. The current bed bug plague is a good example. Inter alia other factors, The REAL cost of not preventing a bed bug infestation in a hotel room in Paris is:

Room closure of an average 187 euro per night.
⛔ Approx 7-10 quarantine period for a chemically treated room to eradicate bed bugs.
The un-returning unhappy customer who leaves a bad review.

Not taking into account the unhappy customers reach, the hotel has already lost 1,870 euro in one room alone and that doesn’t even factor in the high extermination costs!

I always urge customers to see the bigger picture. By applying HealthGuard® “are you preventing a much bigger cost?”

Another important point is, when HealthGuard® products are incorporated into the manufacturing process, the application accuracy can be better assured. Whilst there are after-market #antibedbug products available, when HealthGuard® is applied during manufacture, treatments are highly concentrated, are often applied by accurate computerised systems, cured and fixed to the article, ensuring long term performance and no risk to the consumer.

HealthGuard® Anti-Bed Bug is a high performing, safe, durable and ECONOMICAL preventative treatment for use in practically any type of soft furnishing found in hotels, homes, government institutions and public transport, such as: carpets, carpet underlays, curtains, PU foam, fibres, bedding, blinds, bed heads, mattresses, soft luggage, upholstery, cushions etc. and should be a considered a marginal long term investment with profound benefits.

Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite!