Last week, our colleague, @VictoriaHarvey, contributed a compelling industry perspective at Seminar Four, ‘Exploring Value-Based Models in Healthcare,’ hosted by @BioMelb.

Value-Based Healthcare (VBH) represents a care delivery paradigm that evaluates health outcomes against the comprehensive costs of healthcare provision, aiming to enhance both patient well-being and healthcare operational efficiency.

From a procurement standpoint, the significance of implementing VBH lies in shifting focus from discussions on “per unit price” to prioritising the critical aspects: patient outcomes and healthcare efficiency.

Within the intricacies of VBH, Dr. Deborah Cole articulated a pivotal outlook, aligning with VBH’s ultimate objective: placing the patient and desired outcomes as the “North Star”.

Victoria’s assertion regarding a pandemic serving as a catalyst to prompt entry into the healthcare system might raise eyebrows, yet it starkly illustrates an inherent flaw in healthcare: its reactive nature rather than proactive strategies.

Research indicates that disturbances to textiles within clinical settings contribute to the dissemination of pathogens into the surrounding air, subsequently contaminating immediate and non-immediate environments.

An illuminating study showcasing the efficacy of biocidal linens in curbing nosocomial infections presents a compelling case for adopting biocidal textiles across various healthcare settings—be it medical facilities or elderly care homes, addressing high infection risks.

The call to action goes beyond linens; it extends to all soft furnishings, carpets, curtains, fibers, and foams within healthcare environments.

However, challenges persist. Who in the healthcare industry holds the reins to champion the benefits of our products? Why isn’t the integration of this technology a mandatory standard across all healthcare furnishings and fixtures?

We’re on a mission to drive change, advocating for the adoption of biocidal surface modifying coatings to be used during manufacture of all soft furnishing fixture and fittings across healthcare setting procurement.

Let’s collaborate to ensure our healthcare spaces prioritise patient safety and well-being above all else.