As your grandmother always said, “prevention is better than the cure”.

The economic cost to hotels and the bad publicity associated with a Bed Bug infestation are enormous. Loss of prestige and the financial loss due to having hotel rooms closed due to the Common Bed Bug (Cimex Lectularius) infestations are amounting to millions of dollars each year.

HealthGuard Corporation Pty. Ltd. of Australia, launched it’s “Cimex-Pro” Anti-Bed Bug treatment 10 years ago aimed specifically at Bed Bug Bite Prevention. HealthGuard Corporation Pty Ltd. of Australia, are the market leaders in this type of passive, preventative technology.

HealthGuard® Cimex-Pro is added at the manufacturing stage of your mattresses, carpets, curtains and other soft room furnishings.

The room is passively protected 24 hours a day from Bed Bug infestations. HealthGuard® Cimex-Pro has proven independent testing against Tropical Bed Bugs and Common Bed Bugs.

Our unique HealthGuard® Cimex-Pro will stop any correctly treated article from being infested by Bed Bugs.

The videos speak for themselves and were not commissioned by HealthGuard Corporation Pty. Ltd., they are independently made.

To prevent infestation of these blood sucking bugs, please contact, or contact a registered distributor in your region

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