Global Speciality Chemicals Pty. Ltd. is a privately owned Australian company engaged in the research and development, manufacture and sales of HealthGuard products, being globally successful since 1991, with a proven track record commercializing intelligent biotech solutions.

The HealthGuard biotech brand began during the early years of Dr. Harveys daughters life, when she was found to have asthma. The only medication available was an invasive inhalant, which in Dr. Harveys opinion caused palpitations, aggression and often resulted in hospital visits.

In pursuit of Dr. Harveys desire to alleviate his daughters suffering from asthma, he diverted financial resources into funding his own private research into the causes of asthma attacks.

Dr. Harvey discovered a link between house dust mite pathogens and asthma. This lead Dr. Harvey to formulate a triple action dust mite treatment, which has been commercialised for over 20 years benefiting many with hypoallergenic problems around the world.

Our product range continues to grow with consumers discovering the real life benefits HealthGuard has to offer world wide.

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