HealthGuard, a world leader in preventative healthcare treatments, is proud to offer an easy-to-apply technical textile treatment for increased sterility and hygiene in all fabrics, technical apparel, textiles, and substrates. With a versatile health fabric treatment to treat a range of common issues, HealthGuard is proud to offer a strong and effective solution for maintaining technical textiles in top condition.

Functional finishes for textiles is a critical factor in robust and reliable technical textiles, to ensure each textile performs to the best of its ability. With many factors in the environment that can lead to problems in technical textile, it is essential to create a strong, durable barrier against common micro-organisms, allergens, and pests.

HealthGuard is proud to present an effective, versatile technical textile protection treatment. An innovative all-encompassing product, HealthGuard’s technical textile treatment offers multi-functional protection against a range of common issues in the environment.

The innovative textile treatment reduces and diminishes the existence of micro-organisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and allergens. As a durable barrier, HealthGuard’s technical bio fibres textile treatment prohibits future growth of these common organisms. The result is a hygienic and sterile technical textile that leads to a healthier environment for all.

The reduction of these micro-organisms leads to less mould and mildew in textiles, meaning common odour and discolouration issues are much less likely to occur. As a result, technical textiles enjoy a longer lifespan, for longer-lasting functionality and durability when it is most important.

HealthGuard’s technical textile treatment works double duty as protection against Cimex Lectularius and bed bugs while providing an effective mosquito repellent. With prevention against harmful and disease-carrying pests, the result is a safe, illness-free environment — for strong and reliable technical textiles you can trust.



As a non-invasive, easy to use textile treatment for technical textile yarns, HealthGuard’s innovative treatment can be quickly applied to all kinds of fabrics and technical textiles. It is safe for use in all environments and practical and functional with all modern textile finishes.

HealthGuard’s technical textile treatment holds up against multiple washes and practical use, for long-lasting protection against harmful micro-organisms.

Apply HealthGuard’s technical textile treatment to automotive textiles, medical textiles, geotextiles, agro textiles, and protective clothing. Safe and effective for use in all kinds of homes, buildings, and commercial facilities, including interior and exterior areas, HealthGuard’s technical textile treatment provides versatile all-around protection.


HealthGuard’s innovative technical textile treatment offers a wide range of benefits to all kinds of fabrics and textiles, for a sterile, durable, and hygienic environment.

Widely Applicable

HealthGuard’s versatile technical textile treatment can be applied to all kinds of fabrics and textiles and is proven safe for use on most modern finishes.

Multi-Functional Technical Textile Protection

Technical textile treatment protects against bacteria, fungi, viruses, pests, and many other harmful micro-organisms.

Increased Textile Lifespan

Effective treatment reduces common moulds and mildews, reducing typical odour and discolouration issues, and leading to a longer textile lifespan.

Long-Lasting Textile Safety

When applied correctly, HealthGuard’s technical textile treatment lasts between washes and daily functional use for durable, long-lasting protection.


HealthGuard is a world-leading preventative healthcare company, focusing on adequate protection and prevention against common textile issues in all kinds of environments.

With textile and fabric treatments that increase the sterility and safety of surfaces, fabrics, and objects, HealthGuard offers long-lasting protection against micro-organisms, allergens, and pests.

Our biotech innovations allow for versatile, all-encompassing protection to treat and prevent many issues at one time. With an experienced focus on prevention, rather than chasing endless cures, HealthGuard ensures each product meets our high level of standards in environmental safety and product effectiveness.

HealthGuard’s technical textile treatment ensures each functional textile is free from bed bugs and Cimex Lectularius, repellent of mosquitos and free from moulds, mildews, fungi, allergens, viruses, and bacteria. Lifespans of textiles are significantly increased due to the lack of harmful micro-organisms.

Join millions globally who reap the benefits of HealthGuard’s innovative technical textile biotechnology. Increasing the lifespan of many fabrics and offering health benefits to humans, this versatile treatment is an effective solution for a wide range of common issues.




Protect you and your family by reducing the transmission of deadly germs.


Assist in combating deadly disease such as malaria caused by blood feeding mosquitoes.


Hypoallergenic treatments to destroy pathogens known to trigger asthma.


Prevent the settlement of blood sucking bed bugs known to cause irritation.


Protect against nasty microbes and microorganisms. Maintain long lasting freshness and improve hygiene.



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