A shocking reminder of why bed bugs are bad for business this month, with headlines sporting a tail of ‘blood-filled bugs’ attacking a bride and her bridesmaids on the eve of her dream wedding.

The party was ready to bunk down and rest up after checking in to a hotel room on the Gold Coast. With their thoughts cast toward the next day’s wedding on Stradbroke island, the bridesmaids tucked their four year-old flower girl into bed in one of their three rooms. Sensing an opportunity, the bed bugs revealed themselves and quickly swarmed their young victim, who raised the alarm after receiving many painful bites.

The bridal party was shocked to discover bed bugs emerging from inside the mattress, focused on the area where the pillows were placed. They then checked all three rooms and, with bed bugs spotted on every bed at the head-end of the mattress, made haste to remove their clothing and luggage from the affected areas.

A restless night followed for the bride and her party on what should have been an occasion for sweet dreams, with their stress compounded after staff revealed that no spare rooms were available. Even on the hard-tiled floors of their three infested rooms the group was forced to sleep with one eye open, and to make do with their clothing thanks to a lack of spare sheets or even towels.


Businesses are responsible for managing bed bug infestations, which are a health and safety hazard for customers as well as staff. This case highlights the need for a proactive approach to bed bug management as well as the consequences following any attempt to avoid blame when an infestation occurs.

The hotel mentioned above refused to move the affected guests until morning and did little to compensate them for the suffering involved in sharing a room with hungry bed bugs. Perhaps management staff were not aware of bed bugs and the problems they cause, but one thing is for sure, the public is always shocked when businesses fail in managing bed bug infestations.


The importance of bed bug treatment solutions for hospitality businesses cannot be overemphasised. This particular hotel’s failure to have their mattresses treated resulted in a nation-wide name and shame on news and social media, which wasn’t helped by management’s initial refusal to offer a refund the bride a refund.

In other articles we have explored the global increase in bed bug infestations, characterised by a rapid rise in the number of hospitality businesses affected. This may be due to developments in affordable international air travel, along with bed bugs’ capability to remain dormant for 12 months or longer between feeding.

The solution for businesses at risk of bed bug infestation lies with safe and effective biocidal treatments, such as Healthguard, which can be applied to materials such as those used in mattresses and bedding. This form of bed bug treatment is proven to prevent infestation and keep guests happy and healthy.




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