Bed bugs are a global problem, but not for HealthGuard® treated goods. We only have ourselves to blame for their rapid territorial expansion.

Lets face it, bed bugs are only associated with poorer countries and people with poor hygienic living conditions.


Bed bugs are a first world problem and the more luxurious conditions you create for your living environment, the more likely you are to find the unwanted little creature in bed with you.

For example, airline travel has become common place for most people around the world now, visiting luxury hotels, visiting friends, but do you know who’s luggage your bag is with in the airline hold? NO.

Bed bugs are placed inadvertently in to luggage, in peoples clothing or they will simply hitch a ride in your luggage which can be infested with bed bugs and you will never know.

Bed bugs survive the extremely low temperatures encountered in aircraft holds.

When a traveller returns home, unsolicited guests arrive with them in their luggage from the luxury holiday or visit to friends or business trip. No one is immune from these blood sucking parasites, bed bugs thrive in the air conditioned and temperate climates of your home, hotel or offices, they even live on trains, aircraft, taxis, cinemas… Anywhere is home to a bed bug.

HealthGuard® technology is the scientifically proven anti-bed bug treatment for all textiles.

Independently tested for use in foams, mattresses, carpets and all soft furnishings against the Common Bed Bug and the Pacific Bed Bug, both of which feed on human blood.

Tropical Bed Bugs Found in Florida after 60-Year Absence

HealthGuard® treatment of all hotel soft furnishings, can prevent infestation by bed bugs and possible claims for damages from affected clients.


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