Dreaming of jet-setting off on a tropical vacation? The last thing you feel like is coming home freckled with bed bug bites.

Unfortunately for many travelers this is not a rare tale. When it comes to infestation bed bugs are terribly un-fussy about whether there are spa facilities or room service.

It’s a common myth that bed bugs prefer unhygienic conditions. In fact, they will infest just about anywhere they can dig their beaks into warm flesh.Whether you’re staying in a crowded hostel in smoggy Bangkok or a luxury suite in the Maldives bed bugs don’t discriminate.

An American woman learnt this the hard way when her island paradise was invaded by some uninvited guests.

Cindi Avila was spending the weekend away at a five-star resort in the Bahamas when she discovered that the bed she was sleeping in was infested with bed bugs.

After returning home covered in bed bugs bites she shared her experience with NBC Miami.

“Things are just swelling up everywhere all over my body. It’s literally unbearable…It’s the worst thing I’ve ever experienced in my life,” says Avila.

Situations like this don’t only leave hotel patrons with horror stories to tell, they can also drastically affect the reputation of the hotel. In Avilla’s case, she was so traumatised by her stay that she is now suing the resort for $15,000 USD.

Prevention is always better than the cure. Especially in the business of luxury accommodation where reputation is everything.

Health Guard® Cimex Pro is the World’s first anti-bed bug, anti-dust mite, anti-fungal and antibacterial treatment. The safe, non-invasive, quad functional treatment can be utilised in the construction of foam and fabric or as a pre-treatment on bedding and mattresses.

Pre-treating with HealthGuard® Cimex Pro is not only an efficient and economical way to protect your hotel’s reputation. It also gives guests the peace of mind that they can sleep tight without fearing the bed bug bite.


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