Breaking the Link Between Dust Mites and Asthma

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Breaking the Link Between Dust Mites and Asthma

The brief for the researchers was to create a product which is both friendly to the environment and the user. Most asthma sufferers want a product which can inhibit dust mites, but is not an irritant, nor releases any volatile chemical compounds and when the treated article is discarded, the anti dust mite treatment will rapidly degrade, therefore only leaving a satisfied customer with no residual chemicals for future generations to inherit. The task sounds almost impossible, but this product has been developed and it is an Australian product.

HealthGuard® anti dust mite is for sale world wide and has been globally successful and trusted since its inception over a quarter of a century ago. The HealthGuard® treatment has been through a full assessment by the Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA), which includes, environmental assessment, efficacy, occupational health and safety, chemistry and residues, toxicity and therapeutic goods reviews. We had to prove our product is safe, reliable and effective.

HealthGuard® anti dust mite treatments have achieved distinction of being the market leader in safe dust mite inhibition, no tri-butyl tin oxide is used in the products. Furniture manufacturers can specify that their construction materials foam, fabric and polyester fillings are treated with HealthGuard anti dust mite and they can rest assured they are using a safe reliable Australian product which inhibits dust mites.

HealthGuard anti dust mite treatments independent tests have proven to be up to 99.9% effective in inhibiting dust mites which choose to try and colonise the treated articles. What does this mean to the person who’s allergic to dust mite pathogens? Scientific tests have indicated that in your old mattress and pillow, more than two million dust mites live, breed and eat, each dust mite creates more then 20 fecal pellets daily, in mature female dust mites which will live, breed and eat in your bed.

If your new mattress components are not treated with HealthGuard anti dust mite, then the process of growing your personal biomass of dust mites begins almost immediately. The question you have to ask yourself as a constructor of fine lifestyle products is “do I care about my customers environment?” Yes, of course you do, your answer is “my products are quality products which deserve to be treated with HealthGuard® anti dust mite”. Set yourself apart from the rest and give you products the mark of distinction.

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