How to Avoid a Counterfeit Catastrophe

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How to Avoid a Counterfeit Catastrophe

Australian shoppers are advised to exercise caution after several websites were exposed for selling counterfeit Chinese ugg boots. The products, that carried a fake Australian Made Trademark also claimed to be made using genuine Australian sheep-skin. They were in fact manufactured in China using cowhide.

For many, counterfeiting is still thought of as a crime only committed by dodgy street market vendors, selling cheap rip-offs of designer accessories. In reality, counterfeiting has become far more advanced crime whereby highly-recognisable trademarks, like Australia’s green and gold kangaroo, are used to deceive consumers.

Counterfeit Products: A Trillion Dollar Industry  

Globally the counterfeiting industry is worth the equivalent of over 1.5 trillion AUD making it the largest criminal trade in the world. Unsurprisingly, government agencies are finding it increasingly hard to regulate the industry as culprits go to great lengths to disguise their identity.

Health and Safety Risks of Counterfeit Products 

Counterfeiting is not merely a matter of stealing intellectual property. It poses serious risks because companies are not held to the same health and safety regulations that legally-operating manufacturers are. Counterfeits are not tested and may contain dangerous ingredients and unethically sourced materials not disclosed on the product label.

There are also many legal implications involved in selling or purchasing counterfeit products. Just because a product holds a recognised trademark or certification stamp it doesn’t mean it is real. Counterfeiters can easily replicate these symbols and will break trademark law in order to instil trust in their products.

The buyer must pay due diligence to ensure they are buying from the company directly or through the licensed stocklists.

How to Ensure You Are Buying Legitimate HealthGuard® Products

HealthGuard® products are exclusive to HealthGuard® Corporation and its aftermarket license holders and cannot be purchased elsewhere. If you’re not purchasing from one of our agents direct you’re purchasing a counterfeit product and may be subject to legal liability.

More importantly, HealthGuard’s range of intelligent biotech solutions are European Union (EU) Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR) compliant. When using HealthGuard® products, you are using compliant biocides that are safe when used in accordance with our instructions. Counterfeiters are not held to these regulations and often produce products that pose serious health risks.

If you have any questions about purchasing HealthGuard® products or our licensed agents, please don’t hesitate to contact head office.

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