Throughout the centuries people and animals alike have been subject to disease and viruses, in some of the most extreme cases, epidemics have taken out millions, or even half the population at a time. This was all in an age before travel was so easy and accessible.

Perhaps we should be worried.

It wasn’t until coming into the modern day that the culprits were found! Not eradicated, just found. But at least we all knew who then was to blame.

Today in this new age, things have changed!

Mosquitoes!! That annoying buzz as you lay in bed trying to get to sleep, pulling the plain sheet over our heads knowing they don’t stand a chance to protect you, hoping you may just fall asleep before the buzz comes back to irritate you. And we all know that red mark on an arm, leg or even worse between your fingers on each hand that itches for a week or so.

But there is more to it!

A real global health concern is on everyone’s doorstep, for not only us now, but the generations to come. With reports from Colombia alone recording “…4-fold increase overall in microcephaly following the Zika virus outbreak in 2016,…” by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Have we all forgotten that through the years this is the same Mosquito that brought us diseases and viruses like Yellow Fever, Filariasis, West Nile virus, Dengue, Malaria just to name a few, and the current, or up and coming if you wish, otherwise we can call it a global epidemic just around the corner, THE ZIKA VIRUS!

But if, that’s a big if! If we listen, Mosquitoes don’t have a chance to get to you anymore with the new intelligent solutions of HealthGuard®, Australian designed and worldwide renowned, which has been referred to as the best mosquito repellent with non evasive properties on the market today. HealthGuard® is paving the world market and creating advancements that others haven’t even thought of, and all this with EU BPR compliancy and every range of Anti Mosquito application that you may desire.

But now you can protect yourself, all now without changing your daily routine.

Now is a time to at least be a little concerned! No vaccine! The Zika Virus is taking the planet one continent at a time. Sadly, there is no hiding away from it and there in no sign of it slowing down either.

But what if you could not only be invisible, but have a “Mosquito repeller” that would make you feel like you are squashing Mosquitoes in a path behind you without even swinging a hand. The old days of poisoning yourself just to get rid of a few Mosquitoes with highly volatile chemicals is a thing of the past. This has been changed through the research achieved by a single man, the founder and Director of HealthGuard®, the designer behind each advancement, Dr. Christopher Harvey, with his main goal in mind, a safer world for his family and us all. >

Well you can,
Your family can,
We all can,
We can all feel safe in this new age,
This is the HealthGuard® age.