Bedbugs one of the top nuisance pests that are plaguing homes, businesses and industrial settings. How bad can they be and what can help solve their infestation? As we speak, bedbugs are perhaps invading your bedroom and your beds. How can this be prevented and stopped? What are the possible solutions available to stop the infestation?

Recently a visitor to a Disney resort complained and filed a suit about being bitten by bedbugs during her stay in the resort’s hotel. She said she suffered both physical and emotional damage after waking up covered with bedbug bites. The complainant said she had to undergo medical treatment after the incident. This news was found on




What are bed bugs and how can then be prevented?

Bedbugs are small, oval insects that feed by sucking human blood or other warm-blooded animals. They do not fly and measures only about 5-7 mm in length.

Bedbugs can be prevented by modern solutions that are a durable barrier that can prevent re-infestation. There are bedbug treatments that combine anti-bedbug, anti-dust mite, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal treatments. These treatments are economical and effective at the same time. Treated areas are independently tested and are safe for humans and the environment.

The benefits of bedbug treatments include long-lasting efficacy and can keep repelling infestation. They can also provide 80% efficacy after several cleans. Treatments can reduce biting and blood feeding and helps reduce welts and scarring. Treatments help inhibit the growth and proliferation of harmful virus, spores, moulds, fungi, and bacteria. Bedding can be used for a longer period because there is no down-time of infested rooms.

Bedbugs can cause hundreds of bites when they invade. They are particularly like human blood and are drawn to carbon dioxide that is exhumed from the human body and human body heat. Bedbug invasion is known to increase by up to 500% each year globally. To prevent infection, avoid being bitten by bedbugs. HealthGuard Cimex-Pro can solve this problem.

The advantages of using HealthGuard Cimex-Pro is that it is compatible with modern textile finishes. It is a world-renowned and globally trusted brand and had gained Certificate of Excellence that ensures excellent standards are attained and sustained.

Getting down and dirty with bedbugs.

After bedbugs feed on their unsuspecting victims, they skitter back to the bed-frame joints, suitcase, screw head or wherever else they made home in.

Bedbugs emit alarm pheromones where there is danger and warn others away. Females may use chemical signals that help nymphs find their first meal. Once it has tracked down others, it snuggles with other five dozen others, including nymphs and adults. They pack tightly with their own eggs, faeces, and cast skins that give off a musty, fruity odour. After a meal, bedbugs usually have procreate.

Bedbugs in hotels

The last thing you want after a tropical vacation is to come home with several marks of bedbug bites. For many travelers, this is not a rare tale. This is because bedbugs infest all kinds of facilities and are un-fussy about what areas to infest.

They say that bedbugs prefer unhygienic conditions but actually, they infest just about anywhere especially where there is warm flesh. Bedbugs don’t discriminate they can infest crowded hostels and even luxury suites.

Prevention is better than cure especially in the business of luxury accommodation where reputation is very important. HealthGuard Cimex Pro is the world’s first anti-bedbug, anti-fungal, anti-dust mite and anti-bacterial treatment that is safe, and non-invasive functional treatment that can be used in construction foam and fabric. It can also be used as a pre-treatment for bedding and mattresses. Pre-treatment is an efficient and economical way to protect a hotel’s reputation and give your guests peace of mind and have a good sleep without the fear of bedbug bites.


HealthGuard’s main goal is to prevent the growth, spread, and infestation of nuisance pests in a way that is effective and safe for those using the product. Bedbugs hold the top-rank of nuisance pests that affect humans. These pests are also difficult to manage without effective protection.

HealthGuard solutions for those who need protection from bedbugs can be applied in various settings.

Bedbug infestation can be enormously costly for affected businesses especially those involved in hospitality like hotels and the leisure sector. Infestations are difficult to control once the bed bugs have become established. After eradication, some may survive and restart infestation.

Preventive measures are best at addressing bedbug infestation. Appropriate treatments will prevent them from establishing themselves in beds, carpets, and other materials. This is best to areas which are prone to infestation problems. Infestation can occur in old or loose carpet or floor surfaces, nooks, and crannies where they hide when they are not feeding. There are insecticidal and pesticides available in the market but most are not effective in preventing or removing bedbug infestation. There are rare commercial exterminators who can end bed bug infestation in one or two sessions. The use of pesticides can also disperse bedbugs all over the premises which make them more difficult to deal with and destroy. And adult bedbugs can last a year without a meal.

HealthGuard Cimex-Pro can help prevent bedbug infestations, microbes, and dust mites.  It is a safe and effective solution for domestic, commercial and industrial settings. It can prevent and treat bedbug infestation. Save time, money and effort by using this product to destroy infestation from this persistent pests.

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