Blood all over your sheets… Welts all over your body, with an irritating itch that lingers for days, if not weeks… Sounds like something out of a horror movie! But no… Don’t be mistaken, its just a bed bug…

HANG ON … But then again, maybe not just a bed bug… These little vampires can also turn into an unwelcome travel buddy… It doesn’t even stop there. They will also welcome themselves to your home uninvited when you place your infested luggage down.

Time to unpack your bag and wash your clothes and you can enjoy a nice rest right? Wrong You now have a new family to take care of that will settle into your bed and ensure you’re not lonely at night. You should be well acquainted now, seeing that you have done some travelling together. Sounds nice and cosy until…

You realise your new family members can carry HIV, which have been known to have been “…recovered from bed bugs up to 1 hour after they feed on infected blood…”

Whilst they are known to carry pathogens as such, it has not been known to transfer to humans. But dare you risk it? Any chance is too much of a chance when it comes to protecting your family and health.

Forget about the passing of virus for a moment, the fact is, that this does not prevent them from leaving prominent welts and rashes, not to mention immense discomfort and long term scarring. They will hide in the nooks and crannies of your bed and feed whilst you sleep.

No longer content with their sedentary lifestyle, a name change may be in order – the travel bug. In recent reports (, these little travelling vampires have seen to be infesting aircraft blankets and seats, grounding flights after customer complaints. How do we prevent this? Simple, increase the temperature of the aircraft to 50˚C (122 F) if that’s too hot, then –17˚C (1F) will do it. Or simply use HealthGuard®, a scientifically safe and proven preventative measure of bed bugs… But wait, it doesn’t stop there… HealthGuard® Cimex-Pro also alleviates the infestation of dust mites and microbes providing for a hygienic environment.

To find out how HealthGuard® can treat pillows, blankets, furnishings and make an aircraft environment healthy, please contact, or contact a registered distributor in your region.

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