It’s every new home owner’s worst nightmare. Spending valuable time and money building a beautiful apartment, only to have it enveloped by furry, wet and smelly mould.

Mould isn’t always an issue of personal cleanliness; it can sometimes be outside of the house owners control. Sydney woman Lucy Woolfman found this out the hard way.

Woolfman was excited to land her first property in Sydney’s competitive housing market, when suddenly a small black spot changed everything.

Just 6 months after moving into her $400,000 one-bedroom apartment, it became a jungle of mould. The dreaded fungi grew on the walls, through the carpet and spread onto her belongings.

The house became a health practitioner’s worst nightmare and Woolfman was forced to vacate the property.

Mould in your living space is not only unsightly, it poses a serious threat to the occupant’s health. Constant exposure to bacterial spores can cause respiratory illnesses, asthma attacks and chronic bronchitis, among many other worrying symptoms.

For Woolfman, the mould didn’t only pose a major health risk but led to severe financial loss. Having to find alternative accommodation, while still paying a mortgage and replace her contaminated belongings has put her $200,000 out of pocket.




HealthGuard® has developed a solution that is specifically formulated to reduce microbial growth, reduce proliferation and re-infestation.

HealthGuard® Premium protection is the world’s first combined anti-fungal and anti-bacterial treatment. The treatment can be used as an additive to paint, sprayed on carpets, upholstery, blinds and curtains to combat and prevent a broad range of mould and other bacterial growths.

By treating your house, business or accommodation service with HealthGuard Premium Protection you’re preventing mould form at the microscopic level, so that unlike Woolfman you are never faced with the nightmare of being forced out of your own home.


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